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    BISC ETHNOMEDICINAL HERBS: is used tropically for pains, abscesses,, colic, fatigue, gout, headache, renal disorders, and rheumatic joint pain it is also used topically for skin disorders such as acne and boils, eczema, rashes,Etc… it’s well purified and it’s 100% Herbal, zero tolerance of chemical. It’s made of with the following herbs.

    Usage :1teaspoon and mixed with hot water

    Morning and night for 5 days
    So for ladies they can use when they are on there period
    Recommend to use once’s a month

    Ingredients- Nicotiana tabacum ( ewe taba), Uvaria afzelli ( Gbogbonse) Venomia amygdalina ( Ewuro/ aromagbo) etc

  • Bisc Herbal Lubricant Oil – 30ml/1oz


    Vaginal tightening, detox and red tender, Sex lubricant, increase sexual pleasure.

    .Sex lubricant during intercourse, increase sexual pleasure
    .Vaginal tightening and vagina red tender
    .Yoni detox and regular menstrual cycle
    .Strengthen vaginal tissues and Moisturize
    Soothe irritation and Rejuvenation
    .Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory
    .remove odor.




    • Odor Improve: itchy and unpleasant smell of secret area becomes refreshing and pleasant…
    • Ph Balance: keeping the ideal pH level balance of the sensitive area (slightly acidic)
    • Moisturizer: provides enough moisture to dry and stiffen your skin
    • Vagina skin elasticity improve: loose skin to be firm and elastic
    • Daily and constant cleaning and hygiene management.


    MIRACLE POWDER:Bisc miracle powder contains 100% Zinc oxide.  It is a pinky clay powder in Colour. It is usually used for children and adult whenever they have any kind of skin problems such as measles, chickenpox, small pox, rashes etc.
    ingredients:zinc oxide ,Titanium dioxide,calcium carbonate.

  • Moringa Olifera


    Moringa Olifera : high in iron , help with skin, helps boost stamina , improve sleep, improves immunity, control diabetes , rich in protein, vitamins and minerals

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