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Bisc Exfoliating Face and Body Gloves


Bisc exfoliating gloves to gently and effectively exfoliate layers of the dead skin and impurities from your face.
Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin’s surface to improve its appearance and to prevent clogged pores and acne. It may also help combat the signs of aging by removing dull and damaged skin and encouraging the growth of new, healthy skin.

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  • Wet the gloves and your skin with warm water. Apply a few drops of exfoliant scrub directly to the gloves or to your skin. Add more water if necessary to form a lather.
  • Massage your skin using gentle pressure. Move the gloves over your skin in small, circular motions. Do not use exfoliating gloves on sensitive areas, such as near the eyes. If you experience any redness, stinging, burning or pain, stop using the gloves and wait for your skin to recover before attempting to exfoliate again.
  • Rinse the gloves often while exfoliating to wash away dead skin cells or other debris. Add more soap or exfoliant as needed.
  • Moisturize within three minutes of exfoliating and rinsing. Exfoliating your skin can increase dryness and irritation. Moisturizing creams or lotions will lock water into your skin, soothe irritation and prevent dryness or itching.
  • Bisc gloves are not suitable for machine washing,must be hand washed and hung to dry.
  • Exfoliate only once or twice each week. Using your exfoliating gloves more often or applying too much pressure during exfoliation may cause significant skin irritation and worsen acne and other skin conditions.
  • Because exfoliation removes the top layer of your skin, it makes you more vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage. Wear a sunscreen every time you go outside.
  • Do not store your gloves wet. Doing so encourages the growth of bacteria and fungus and increases your risk of developing an infection.

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