Welcome to Bics Cosmetics! Known for her love of cosmetic products and makeup, Bics Cosmetics launched in 2013.

Bankole tutu Fausat is an entrepreneur, professional Licensed in Esthetician/Medical Aesthetician/Cosmetics Formulator/cosmetologist

Bisc Cosmetics is founded on sustainable principles to provide the highest quality natural and effective acne problems, blemishes, skin discolouration, ezecma etc and also advising customers on proper skincare, and evaluating customers’ skin health.

Bisc Cosmetics is a collection of products I created working with my amazing team. I can’t wait to see how beautiful everyone is going to look. Use the hashtag #biscosmetics to share your photos with me.

For all your beauty products, whitening cream, dark skin complexion, dark knuckles, pimples, acne, dark knee/elbow, use BISC COSMETICS

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