• Odor Improve: itchy and unpleasant smell of secret area becomes refreshing and pleasant…
  • Ph Balance: keeping the ideal pH level balance of the sensitive area (slightly acidic)
  • Moisturizer: provides enough moisture to dry and stiffen your skin
  • Vagina skin elasticity improve: loose skin to be firm and elastic
  • Daily and constant cleaning and hygiene management.
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1. BISC VAGINAL WASH: The oxygen bubble premium feminine cleanser keep women’s private parts where is delicate, sensitive and easy to irritate.

2. This VAGINAL Foaming Wash removes secretion, unpleasant odor, provides clean, helps to keep fresh refreshing feeling both during and after use.

3. It keeps the women’s private parts mild acid condition, protects beneficial bacteria, removes harmful germs.

How to use: lather with water and then rinse thoroughly. vaginal wash for external use only .
Ingredients: aloe extract, rose essential, peppermint essential oil, Sophora extract, cortex philodendra extract etc

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