Caramel Glow Lotion, caramel face cream, Brighten Body Scrub (500ml), 24K Brighten Showel Gel, Brighten Oil Serum#5


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Caramel glow lotion: is specially made from the purest plant extracts that helps to give the skin a flawless caramel complexion. It rejuvenates the skin, eradicates dark spots and blemishes. This luxurious product is created to give the skin that irresistible glow and flawless feel.

Brighten body oil serum: The body oil serum is an all natural extra strength skin brighten serum to Brighten your skin, bring you young looking.

Bisc 24k lightening Shower Gel: helps lightening your skin, fix blemishes on your skin and will make your skin look refreshed, vibrant and beautiful.

Bisc Glow brighten body scrub 500ml : is a treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.
Bisc brighten body scrub is done with an abrasive material usually with sea salt mixed with diff kind of massage oil and an aromatic like essential oils etc.

Caramel face cream: gives a cocoa complexion and clarifying, glowing and hydrating skin.